Have You Ever Wondered How Social Media Is Influencing Us

It is a fact of the internet that every click, every view and every sign-up is recorded somewhere. Depending on your view, this is either very creepy or fantastically interesting.As we’re data nerds here at Brandwatch we fall firmly in the second camp.For the curious, these represent a series of numbers that boggle the mind, users counted in tens and hundreds of millions, and time in millions and billions of hours. For marketers, knowing the statistics behind the social networks, But, to be really honest, this has more negative impacts on them than the positive ones.

A loyal friend who would help you no matter how you take a selfie.

They are social Media-driven girls, like seriously, keeping the food waiting for so long.

He seriously needs help, like seriously all the gadgets to just take one selfie.

when you don’t realize it is a double way mirror and you just want to take a mirror slfie.

Selfies have been ruling the technology game since it came, but then they have been taking things to another level.

Epic liar caught, he was late to work ,and caught!

Thats a real bull behind his back, like dude are you kidding me, all you can think of is getting him on camera?

And he lied , by saying my bae took a selfie.

True fun needs a bunch of weird friends and a pool.

Imean clicking your food was still ok , but selfie with your main course ?

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>> Have You Ever Wondered How Social Media Is Influencing Us
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