Guys Caught On Video Rob An ATM In Less Than A Minute. How? No Expert Can Tell

This is genius but dangerous...

#3 ATM Machines

#3 ATM Machines

Automated Teller Machines or ATM machines as we fondly call them are simple machines that help you in withdrawing cash from your bank account. The more complex machines will accept deposits, facilitate credit card payments and report account information. Whenever you are out of cash and need some urgent money for important work, you know where to head.

ATM machines are impossible to hack or steal money from; at least that's what the banks tell us. But is it true? We've answered this question on the upcoming pages by adding a video as well. Take a look.

#2 How Secured Are They

#2 How Secured Are They

You can never be unsatisfied by the amount of security a normal ATM machine has. However, defying all odds, three thieves have managed to find a way to rob these ATMs. And the best part is that these insane people pulled of this robbery in less than a minute. Can you believe it? Less than a minute.

As an engineer, what do you think has happened here? How did these guys manage to pull this off so easily? You'll be in a better position to answer all these questions after you see the video on the next page. Take a look...

#1 The Video

After watching this entire video, even experts couldn't understand their trick of pulling off something as big and as illegal as this. People tried assuming what they did but nothing seems to be anything close to reality. The video below shows how these guys rob the ATM in less than a minute and this itself is a huge question mark.

The fact that the robbers did this in less than a minute and experts couldn't figure out how they did this makes this robbery even more interesting. So even you look at the video and tell us what do you think is done by these guys to empty the cash in the ATM machines by commenting below.

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