He Took An Old Car Engine.What He Creates Is Completely Stunning!

This is how engineers help around in the house!

#2 He Made His Engine Into A Table

#2 He Made His Engine Into A Table

An old engine can prove to be more trouble than it is worth. We spend loads of money on it hoping to fix the engine and keeping all the memories associated with it, but we soon realize that it is pointless. You realize that buying a new car would be cheaper than repairing it so often. You realize that it is time to say goodbye to those memories. Or is it?

This Redditor decided that he just wasn't ready to let go. So he used his DIY skills and put his old engine to good use. The engine in question was a 1974 Chevy Al Camino SS engine. A large part of its camshaft had been destroyed with only a small portion left behind. But still, who could get rid of such a beauty? He converted the old thing into a Coffee table, thus ensuring that it stays with him forever. Find out exactly what steps he took on the next page.

#1 How He Did It

#1 How He Did It

So these are the steps he followed.

1. First he took out four pistons and ground their skirts down so that he could balance something on top.
2. Then he took two-by-five lumber pieces and joined them together to create a nice and sturdy frame. He stuck this onto the top of the pistons. Now his vision becomes a lot clearer to the observer.
3. Next he varnished them properly and sand-papered them smooth. No use in having a coffee table that doesn't look attractive.
4. A Plexiglass on top completes this brilliant DIY and successfully makes a car engine useful even without a car.

Carrying his masterpiece into his room was probably no easy task,but this man isn't used to taking no for an answer and he made it happen. Just look at the image, now that's what a coffee table should look like! It is definitely a unique way to hold up the table using the pistons. And the engine block looks fabulous as hell. A must for all auto enthusiasts!

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