Guy Attaches His GoPro To A Car Wheel. The Result Is Incredible

This GoPro attached to a car wheel is the best thing you'll see today. Take a look...

#2 GoPro

#2 GoPro

GoPro is one of the most famous camera company in the market. This camera is particularly famous among the travel lovers and the adventure lovers. From skydiving to swimming with sharks, we've seen some incredible GoPro footage since the boom of the action camera. But it can also capture some simple moments of magic too.

Time to witness that one simple magical moment. The video on the next page clearly demonstrates the brilliance of this camera. There's a reason why this is world's every adventure lover's favorite camera. Check out the VIDEO on the NEXT page to see the beauty of this camera.

#1 The Video

So what is this video all about? Ryan Fox decided to attach a GoPro to his car's wheel using only duct tape and decided to take it for a spin. After driving around slowly and realising the camera seemed pretty stable, he decided to up his speed from 2mp to 45mp. The results that he got are pretty amazing and locked in this footage. Take a look.

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