Got Your Car Stuck In Mud? Take It Out Using This Simple Engineering Trick!

For those of us who like to travel to distant areas, getting your car stuck in mud or sand is a common situation. Usually we dig in around the wheels or ask people...

#2 This Is Brilliant!

#2 This Is Brilliant!

Travelling cross country and covering long distances in your own car can seem like a great idea but what about the times we get in trouble? What about the times the tire gets stuck? The logical solution would be to ask the people around for help. But this man got his car tire stuck in the middle of nowhere. What did he do?

Dan Mengedoht and his friend Capers Landrum Cauthen got their tire stuck in a muddy field. With nobody around to help they used simple principles of engineering and used all the tools available to make the contraption that you can see in the picture. Did it work? Find out on the next page.

#1 Check It Out

They drove the car in reverse and made it quite far. The next time I go out on a long distance trip I will definitely keep this in mind. This rig and some presence of mind helped out these people, check it out in the video below.

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