Google's April Fools Joke is Costing People Their JOBS

Google is usually pretty good at April Fools jokes, but this year's gag may have backfired.

#3 Google- A Prankster

#3 Google- A Prankster

You always expect Google to be the best in whatever it does. Time and again it has proved that no one can beat Google in anything. No, we all know that Google is pro at playing April fool pranks as well.

But for a change, this time it failed to woo its users by its harmless prank on 1st April. I don't remember when was the last time Google was criticized this much.

#2 Mic drop button

#2 Mic drop button

So just like every year, Google decided to play a prank on its users on the verge of April Fools day. The prank was very simple, as Google puts it: "Simply reply to any email using the new 'Send + Mic Drop' button. Everyone will get your message, but that's the last you'll ever hear about it. Yes, even if folks try to respond, you won't see it."

This thing created ruckus in the lives of so many people. Tons actually almost lost their jobs and the rest had to pay penalties.

Checkout the entire incident ahead.

#1 The Scary Incidents

#1 The Scary Incidents

This isn't just a joke - the button actually works. Clicking it sends your message and a mic-dropping Minion GIF to the recipient, and stops their replies appearing in your inbox. Users can find replies in the 'all mail' tab, but they won't get the typical inbox notification, making it very easy to miss the messages.

this is what users wrote, "Accidentally hit this new 'mic drop' button halfway through composing a professional email. Dying to remove this thing," wrote one user on Google's product forum. Another user wrote, "This is horrible - just sent an email to a client with this stupid icon on it. I can't afford these stupid pranks!" said another.

These aren't the only incidents. There are hundreds and thousands of such incidents. For the first time, Google proved to be a bane for people.

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