Find Out The Difference Between Gasoline And Diesel Engine!

Because it's important that you do.

#3 Engines

#3 Engines

Okay! Let's first start with a question! What do you know about engines?!

Basically,engines convert chemical energy into mechanical energy through a series of explosions.And as any car enthusiast would know there are two types of engines- diesel and gasoline. But sadly not many know beyond this. Well, its time that it changed!

#2 Did you know...

#2 Did you know...

That the gasoline engines in cars are being replaced by diesel engines? Top brands like Mercedes-Benz are the top players in this field.

For those of you who want to know the difference between diesel and gasoline engine, this is where you will find enlightenment. Following is a video that will answer all your questions!

#1 Video

A YouTube engineer starts with the explanation on how differently the ignition in diesel and gasoline engines work. The diesel engine uses compression while the gasoline engine uses a spark plug. Later he moves on to more intriguing concepts like engine braking!

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