F*ck Phone Cases, There's Actually A Mechanism To Make iPhones Shatterproof

I never knew this...

#2 Apples And iPhones

#2 Apples And iPhones

If you are an Apple lover, you will love this too. This is the time to eliminate that feeling of dread when your iPhone slips out of your hand and bounces off the hard concrete floor. Sometimes the flimsy plastic case it's enclosed in will be enough to save the Apple product but, more often than not, the iPhone's screen meets its doom, shattering into an absolute mess on the ground. Since it is so expensive, that feeling is very annoying.

I strongly believe that it's long overdue for Apple to come up with a way to stop these breakages from happening because sadly, we really can't be trusted to protect our mobiles after we've had a few beers. So here comes that thing, According to a newly released patent, the company have finally come up with a way to stop those expensive trips to the Apple store (or the cheaper alternative) and claim to have effectively made iPhone screens scratch and shatter resistant. Check out its outlining and images on the next page...

#1 The Design

#1 The Design

This is gonna be such a huge boon for all the Apple lovers. Check out the image here. The image shows how the design would come fitted with tiny retractable bumper mechanisms, designed to spring into action when they detect a fall is in progress. So reports suggests that, these would then act as "a shock absorber."

Although this is just a plan yet but it outlines how the "active screen protection" system would use the phone's camera and microphone to detect falls, while the fenders would be placed around the edge of the screen and on the iPhone's metallic casing. No dates are officially out yet about this update. But we hope this comes out soon as it'll benefit tons of people!

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