Ever Wondered What This Arrow Next To Your Car's Fuel Meter Means? Mystery Solved!

And finally this mystery is solved...

#2 The Arrow

#2 The Arrow

If you own or drive a car, this is one question that you would love to get an answer of. Many of you must have wondered what this peculiar arrow denotes on your dashboard? Today that question will be answered. This arrow might not be present in old cars. So do not be surprised if you don't find this in your car. Its perfectly alright.

If there is no arrow the gauge will be on the same side of the dash cluster. Now you didn't know that, did you? Look for the video further to know the exact purpose of this arrow and some other important details about the same...

#1 The Video

So what does this arrow means? The arrow indicates which side of the vehicle the fuel filler is at. This video is very helpful. The man in the video tells you very clearly about the sign. And we've mentioned earlier that this sign is not present in every car.

Anyways, Who knew this sign would be so helpful? No confusions at gas stations anymore. So check out the video below and let us know about your views by commenting below. We hope this information helped you. Wish you happy and safe driving...

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