Ever Wondered What The 'i' Stands For In All Apple Products? Steve Jobs Uncovered The Mystery

iPhone, iMac, iPad, iPod...Ever wondered what this 'i' stands for? Check it out...

#4 Apple

#4 Apple

Needless to say that Apple is by far the biggest tech giant the world has ever witnessed. There is something special about this brilliant Gizmo bomb that it glues people to itself from every corner of this planet.

But there are certain unknown facts about Apple that we try and unfold here. One such fact is the 'i' before every Apple product. What does this 'i' stands for?

#3 The Logic

#3 The Logic

Even if you are the biggest fan of the company, chances are high that you don't know the reason or the logic behind that 'i'. We assure you that there is a reason behind that which is completely justified.

In fact, Steve Jobs himself has told the world the reason behind the 'i'. He revealed the reason back in 1998.

Checkout the video ahead.

#2 The Meaning

#2 The Meaning

Steve Jobs explained it back in 1998 when the first 'i' product was launched, iMac. So this 'i' doesn't stand for only one thing. There are different meanings attached to it.

As you'll find out in the video ahead, the 'i' stands for..


Checkout the video ahead

#1 The Video

This is the video during the launch of iMac. Here, Jobs very clearly explains this 'i'. This is definitely a delight for each and every Apple lover in this world. Good old memories you see! Take a look.

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