Ever Wondered What Does This Hole Between Your iPhone Camera And Flash Do?

Checkout the reason behind this hole between your iPhone camera and Flash. This is fascinating.

#3 That Tiny Little Hole

#3 That Tiny Little Hole

Anything about any Apple gadget (iPhone being our favorite) will never fail to excite us. Most of us claim to know almost everything about iPhone but unfortunately, that's not true.

Every now and then, we come across a totally new fact about Apple's super phone that fascinates us and surprises us at the same time. Today, the fact is about that one tiny little hole between your iPhone camera and Flash.

#2 This Mic

#2 This Mic

A guy on Reddit decided to solve this mystery and in the process, he ended up pushing the thing inside the body of the phone. Only if he knew what it does, he could've avoided the Hassle.

Just so that you know, it is a Mic and a very special one. It's purpose is different from other Mics and is of great significance.

Keep reading ahead to see its importance.

#1 The Video

This microphone is called noise cancelling microphone. It virtually eliminates the background noises so that the caller on the other end hears only crystal clear voice.

Also, it is useful to record your voice without any fillers and to make Siri's recognition of your accent even better.

Checkout this video to know more.

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