Einstein Was Right, Gravitational Waves Have Been Detected For The First Time In Human History!

So Einstein was right. Gravitational waves have been detected for the first time in history. Check it out...

#3 Einstein's Theory

#3 Einstein's Theory

New York based Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory has made the most important observation since the discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background.

Couple of days ago, we told you that Einstein's most incredible prediction may just be proved right on February 9 and here it is, accurately Proved!

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#2 Gravitational Waves

#2 Gravitational Waves

Daivd Reitze, Executive Director of the LIGO Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology said, "We have detected gravitational waves. We did it!"

For the first time in the history, we've discovered gravitational waves. Long ago, Gravitational waves were predicted by Einstein in Theory of General Relativity. According to this theory, gravity bends space-time, and the more massive an object is, the larger the effect.

When massive objects move they create an oscillation in space-time, gravitational waves, a bit like the waves that form in front of a moving ship. This gravitational force that we are talking about, were observed on September 14, 2015, and they were produced by a pair of merging black holes, one of the few events thought powerful enough to produce gravitational waves that we can detect.

Scientifically speaking, the discovery has a statistical significance of 5.1 sigmas, meaning that there's only 1 chance in almost 6 million that the result is a fluke.

Keep reading ahead to see what the experts have to say about this discovery.

#1 Experts Talk

#1 Experts Talk

Professor Bob Bingham, a physicist at the Science and Technology Facilities Council at Harwell Campus in the U.K says that "Detecting and measuring gravitational waves is the holy grail of Einstein's theory of General Relativity. This discovery leads the way to look back in time at the creation of the universe, with significant repercussions for ongoing astronomical research."

This discovery by LIGO is a milestone for our science here. Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory spokesperson says that "The long-term goal for the LIGO detectors and its observations is to do astrophysics, We want to use the gravitational-wave observations to learn about our universe for decades and centuries to come."

This detection is truly a huge moment for us. The scientists are celebrating this discovery. This marks a completely new era in astronomy.

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