Did You Know You Could Build Without Using Glue Or Nails? Here's How!

It's all in the ancient building techniques used by the Japanese.

#5 Building

#5 Building

When we think about building anything we think about the materials. Stuff like wood, glue, grooves, nails and as such. You need so many materials in order to make almost anything.

And that is where you are wrong. All of us are.

What most of us don't know is that there is a way to build without using nails or glue.

#4 The answer lies in Japan.

#4 The answer lies in Japan.

Ancient Japanese building techniques did not make use of any sort of nails or glues.

The Japanese are known widely for their artistic skills but the Japanese craftsmen are known just as well for their ancient and excellent carpentry skills.

Using these woodwork skills, the Japanese people are capable of making complicated and intricate furniture to huge buildings and shrines. All without the aid of nails or glues.

#3 Secret

#3 Secret

The secret to this ancient building technique lies in the interlocking joints that are designed using exquisite and expertise wood craftsmanship.

It was this same technique that helped the Japanese in creating tall structures without any additional support. This also helped in creating larger spans across roof.

Now, let's look at the benefits of this ancient technique over the ones we currently follow!

#2 Advantages

#2 Advantages

Just imagine! By following this technique one would be able to save a great deal on fasteners, nails, and expensive power tools. So, we can say this technique is cost effective.

By using fasteners and joints made completely out of wood, you are allowing for the free movement of the wood as per seasonal expansion and shrinkage. When nails are used, due to these seasonal changes the wood begins to crack around the nails or fasteners.

#1 If done properly...

If the structures are built using just wood with this technique, the structure...whatever it is...a shrine, building or furniture will last as long as the wood. Which is thousands of years(with the right kind of wood.)

In the following video, the conventional Japanese carpentry group Kobayashi Kenkou shows and explains the art of combining two huge wooden beams without the aid of any additional support other than wood and simple tools.

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>> Did You Know You Could Build Without Using Glue Or Nails? Here's How!