Check Out These 10 Awesome Science Tricks You Can Do with Liquid

Unbelievable science tricks.

#3 Science Experiments

#3 Science Experiments

Science is amazing. Over the years it has progressed to a point where it might just seem like magic to the generations that came before us. But of course all of this scientific progress was only possible after millions upon millions of scientific experiments. Just like this basketball dropping experiment that came before, this new experiment is one that tests the limits.

It tests the limits of liquids. The point to where these liquids could be pushed was only discovered after countless experiments.

#2 No Leak Magic Bag

#2 No Leak Magic Bag

These experiments range from the no-leak magic bag to the dancing liquid. They go from cool to gross to absolutely amazing. These 10 liquid tricks can be perfect party tricks to set the mood for any party. All of these nifty tricks can be explained through science.

#1 The Video

As the Youtube channel Brusspup will show us, all of these tricks can be easily re-created at home. With the right technique and materials you can now be the life of every party! Share this video with your friends to share these cool tricks.

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