Can You Solve This Math Problem That Has Baffled Aussie High School Students?

Question is, can you solve this simple question?

#2 Maths

#2 Maths

Maths is a subject that not everyone loves. In fact, Maths is not for everyone. Only smart logical brains can solve high ended complicated problems of Maths. And therefore, we call them engineers. But lets get back to our normal and easy High School Maths. Number of times, students come across a particularly clever Maths question in their exams and most of them get it wrong. Soon enough, the examiner and the question become a topic of debate among the masses.

But this isn't something new. I am sure this has happened tons of times in the past and now the subject is here to haunt the poor students again as an Australian high school paper presented a problem that seems simple enough, but became a source of debate around the internet. Check out the next page to know the question and solve it if you are a Maths fan...

#1 The Question

#1 The Question

Look at the image above to know the question. Very frankly, this isn't a difficult question at all. Although we engineers can solve this problem in an instant, it is funny to see how dumb the rest of the world is, especially non-technical people. Hell, I could do this problem back in my junior high school and people can't even do it now. If most of the students can't pass this maths test than they shouldn't be clearing high school at all. All that requires to solve this is logic and some basic knowledge about Maths.

One student allegedly posted " [email protected]#@ you 50 cent. I never liked your music anyway". Naturally many people have taken to twitter to slam students who couldn't do it, raising questions about the effectiveness of our education system. Most of them were disappointed of the fact that children in High School were debating over such a simple problem. But hey, lets not make a big deal out of it by demotivating them. In the mean time, you guys solve the problem and let us know your answers in the comments.

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