Bill Gates Is Backing This Waterless Toilet That Could Revolutionize Global Sanitation. This Is Brilliant

This is good enough to solve the sanitation problems of more than half the world. Bill Gates Has Funded This. Check it out.

#2 Sanitation And Its Importance

#2 Sanitation And Its Importance

Good sanitation is one of the most important features of a healthy lifestyle. Sanitation has been a huge problem in most of the third world countries. A solution of sorts is here for all the sanitation problems all around the world.

In September 2012, Gates Foundation gave around $710,000 for Nano Membrane Toilet. This design is a revolutionary one as far as sanitation is concerned.

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The Design

The Design

The design of this toilet is waterless and very simple to use. As this is funded by a huge company, it undergoes crucial amount of field tests and can very well be termed as 'The Next Big Thing' in the world of sanitation.

The designer of this toilet, Alison Parker said, "It will be very hard to carry out the scheduled maintenance in remote areas, mostly because the toilet needs maintenance every six months at a minimum to replace certain parts. Instead, the toilet will be used in dense urban areas where a number of factors make providing good sanitation very challenging, but where it would be possible to facilitate visits from a maintenance technician."

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The Complicated Mechanism

The Complicated Mechanism

The Real technical design of this toilet is very complex. After a person is done using it, the rotating toilet bowl turns 270 degrees to deposit the waste in a vat underneath. A scraper tool then wipes off any residual waste from the bowl. There's some more to this.

The waste that is solid in nature stays at the bottom and the liquid waste comes on the top. Very thin fibres, known as nano fibres, are arranged in bundles inside the chamber. They help move the water vapour that exists as part of the liquid waste into a vertical tube in the rear of the toilet.

#1 The Video

Field testing of this toilet will start later this year. It is expected that this toilet will improve the personal health of millions of people out there.

Checkout the video below to know more about this toilet. Also, share this to let people know about this brilliant development.

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