Benefits of Using keyboard's Function Keys

We have all seen function keys before. They are those key marked F1 to F12 on our computer keyboards. Most of us rarely use these keys when at the computer, but knowing how to use them can be really helpful. Functions keys can save you lot of time if you know how to use.

A majority of people use a laptop or a computer these days in order to meet their professional as well as personal requirements. While using such a technology advanced device, a keyboard is a basic component that helps you type everything. Despite having numerous keys on the Keyboard, a majority of people hardly use F keys from F1 to F12.

However, using function keys can be really helpful for users.

For example, the very first F1 key is useful for opening help screen for every program instead of using cursor of the mouse.

Whenever you want to rename the folder, all you need to do is right clicking on the existing folder with the help of a mouse and then rename with keys on Keyboard. Well, you can shorten thing by pressing the F2 key that helps you rename the folder without using a mouse.

Searching on a laptop or computer is a bit confusing for which user needs to go to the search bar and then type the thing. You can make this easy by mere pressing F3 Key that opens search feature.

Closing any window is quite easy by pressing Alt key along with F4.

Uses of function keys do not end here.

Sometimes, you find the need to refresh the page on a laptop or a computer multiple times. But, refreshing the page with a mouse is a cumbersome task. Simply, press F5 Key that refreshes the page numerous times.

Simply use the F6 key in order to approach address bar for any internet browser.

Function key F7 is highly useful for frequent writers using Microsoft Word. F7 allows is useful for spell check or any grammar mistake.

Those, who do not know how to get boot menu, can make best use of F8 key which is used to access Boot menu.

Few more useful function keys are ahead.

Function key F9 is useful in a dual manner. One can use it for refreshing a document in Microsoft Word. On the other side, users can use it to send or receive e-mail in Microsoft Outlook.

Use F10 key in order to open properties of any folder instead of using right click of the mouse.

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