At First It Seems Like Just a Tiny Car. But When The Door Opens? I Was Blown Away!

At :07 I've never seen anything like THIS. I need one!

#3 Love Your Bike?

#3 Love Your Bike?

We know you do! And why wouldn't you? It's such a cost efficient and healthy way to get from one place to another!

But what about riding your bike in the winter? Or when it's excessively windy? You'd rather take out your car.

Swedish inventor Mikael Kjellman says, not to worry! You can still bike around! Find out how?!

#2 The PodRide!

#2 The PodRide!

Check out the PodRide - a four wheel bicycle which is your own personal little car! It will protect you from the elements while you ride it around. You can ride through anything, even rain!

Mikael recently started crowdfunding his invention to help mass produce this. He wants to raise $30,000.

This picture is just the side view. Watch him ride it around. It looks super cute and awesome from other angles! He also gives you a look under the hood - I mean, inside the doors. So go ahead, watch the video!

#1 Watch It

Enough talking about having your mind blown away, time to actually do it. Watch the video and hold on to your jaw, because it is going to drop.

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