After A Century, Scientists Have Finally Solved The Mystery Of Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle and its mysteries are well-known in the world.

#4 The Bermuda Triangle And Its Mysteries

#4 The Bermuda Triangle And Its Mysteries

The Bermuda Triangle and its mysteries are well-known in the world. It constitutes the area between the coast of Florida, Puerto Rico and the small island of Bermuda itself.

Over the years, especially in the nineteenth and twentieth century, tons of ships, boats and air planes entered the triangle just to never come back.

Many conspiracies as well as Sci-Fi theories like strong gravitational presence that sucks everything to the Satan theory have emerged over the years regarding the possible explanation of this secret area.

None of these are, however, entirely backed by scientific facts. Recently, a team of oceanographer and scientists have found what appears to be a concrete explanation of the centuries-old mystery.

#3 Under Water Craters

#3 Under  Water Craters

Huge underwater craters have been found in the ocean bed of the Barents Sea off the coast of Norway.

Now, an explanation says that they were most likely be caused by the gas-rich reserves of Norway leaking the potent gas into the ocean bed which eventually bursts into the surface releasing a lot of it and causing deep craters as a result of the blasting action. The crater area could effectively capsize any ships on the surface.

Checkout the video of this explanation ahead.

#2 More About These Craters

#2 More About These Craters

They might even have a shot at the early aircraft flying above with their incredible explosive power. Prominent Russian scientist Igor Yeltsov claims that the regional dangers are due to the gas hydrate reactions occurring all the time.

The methane ice converts into gas in an avalanche-like way producing huge amounts of fluid that can potentially imbalance large quantities of water. This is one of the better explanations given in the recent years.

#1 Watch video: Bermuda Triangle Mystery Revealed

It makes a lot more sense than fictional theories of aliens living underneath and magnetic mountains buried in the water that attracts anything metal straight into the ground!

Checkout this video below to see this explanation visually.

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