Check What A 20 Year Old Student Made To Clean The Entire Oceans In 5 Years

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#2. Ocean Cleanup Concept

#2. Ocean Cleanup Concept

We throw millions of tons of plastic and other non-degradable trash into seas every year where ocean currents take it away, leaving much of our shores clean. But since, it cannot sink to the bottom of the ocean and cannot be decomposed, it has to go somewhere. That place accounts to five areas in the world where there are massive concentrations of oceanic trash.

So, this Dutch teenager has invented a device that he claims could clean up some 20 billion tonnes of plastic waste from the world's oceans.

Boyan Slat, the 20-year old founder of Ocean Cleanup Foundation, got this idea back in high school when he was working on a compulsory project. He ended up spending five hundred hours on the work instead of the mandated eighty. The system heavily relies on "natural current movements" to gather all of the garbage and get rid of it....To know more checkout the video on next page...

#1. Video

#1. Video

According to the organization's calculations, one-third of all oceanic trash can be cleared with the help of this technique. It translates into roughly 725 million tons of less ocean trash especially in those trash filled areas. Despite the project helping a lot, to get rid of the population as a whole, the world needs to adopt a strict anti-plastic policy.It also needs to encourage recycling of the trash, before it is thrown into the oceans to be taken away.

Take a look at Slat's incredible journey towards making this project a success:

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