VIDEO: What Happens When A 273-Kg. Sumo Fights A 76-Kg. MMA Kickboxer? UNBELIEVABLE!

A whole new version of David and Goliath!

#3 It's David vs. Goliath!

#3 It's David vs. Goliath!

...Well it is, sorta.

What else would you call a show down between a 273 Kg massive man and a 76 kg man?

In one corner we have the massive Sumo warrior at 273 kg Emmanuel Yarbrough and in the corner we have Daiju Takase at 76 Kg!

This setting had all the makings of an amazing fight but the catch- it was anything and everything far from it!

#2 Where's the fight?!

#2 Where's the fight?!

As everyone in the venue stood anticipating a showdown of a lifetime, they were given a chase.

Quite a chase it was !!!

The weight of Yarbrough was surely talked about but Takase's fate was also debated upon too.

Most of the fight was spent in Takase avoiding the mammoth of a man and circling the ring. Watch the entire video of the fight in next section

#1 Tag game!

The match became something like that of a tag game, with Yarbrough trying to take a hold of Takase. And Takase dancing around him.

Well, I guess I will agree with the majority of the people when I say this would have been a killer showdown if Yarbrough had been able to use his body to his advantage.

Watch the video to see what I am talking about!

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