Meet Cristiano Jr. While He's Been Trained In Football By His Father Cristiano Ronaldo.

Another great athlete in making. This is one of the cutest video of a father-son duo you'll see on the internet.

#5 Like Father, Like Son.

#5 Like Father, Like Son.

Cristiano Ronald has been a heart-throb, making history in the world of football. At a very young age, he has bagged many awards and trophies and is the only player who has 4 European Golden Shoe awards in his name. The true legend of all times. His skills and passion for football has given us one of the finest players.

But did you know, this famous personality isn't giving up this soon. Cristiano is lately training his son all the tricks and strategies of the game to his 5year old son.

#4 Star In The Making.

#4 Star In The Making.

Off late, the videos of the father-son duo is going viral as the big boy is teaching the kicks to this little master.

Book your seats as the star is getting ready to take over his daddy's throne.

#3 And He Wins Again.

Beating the superstar is not everyone's cup of tea, not even for his son. Watch the video below as Mr. Junior loses a goal to his father.

#2 Learning To Take The Stardom.

#2 Learning To Take The Stardom.

Ronald has been seen with his son at many events as well. Now we're sure enough, daddy is giving his classes with all aspects, be it the game or the moments to rejoice after the victory.

#1 Meet Cristiano Jr.

His dad has won many hearts other than the trophies and awards and fame, undoubtedly. His unmatched talent and the killer looks is rare to find. But this little is already stealing the show with his cute smile packed with innocence.

Have a loom at the video if you don't belive me.

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>> Meet Cristiano Jr. While He's Been Trained In Football By His Father Cristiano Ronaldo.
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