Why Do We Always 'Push' The Door When It Says 'Pull'? The Mystery Is Solved!

So it's not just me!

#3 The Door Problem

#3 The Door Problem

They are everywhere.....constantly looking down on us and making us look like idiots every time we pull instead of push. No matter who you are....where you are..they will get you.

And the worst part? It feels so right while doing this wrong!! Believe it or not, it's not because we are intellectually lacking in any way that we do this. There's actually a solid logical reason behind it. Wanna know about it? Read on!

#2 Subconscious

#2 Subconscious

Subconsciously, every time we approach a door our mind searches for designs to tell it how to open it. So, if there's a push plate, we will never try to pull it! Or even if there's some indication on whether to pull or push the door, we get it right.

But then, who do we blame for all this? The people who make the doors. You ask me why? Next is the answer!

#1 The Explanation

It's said by Don Norman that only the design of the doors that prefer style to practicality will ever confuse you. The designers call these doors the 'Norman Door', named after Don Norman himself.

The artist and author Norman explained in his book The Design of Everyday Things that- 'A well-designed door is the one that the user can open intuitively and does not need signs to indicate how to open it. All you need is to look at it, and you would know how to open it'

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