The Background Story Behind Google Map Images

Long gone are the days when you had to carry those massive paper maps before treading on a travel in an unknown place. Google Maps has certainly revolutionized our navigation technology, and even more impressive.

Your parents and grandparents might have carried a massive paper map in their lifetime in order to find a particular choice of unknown location. But, due to recent technical advancements, there is no need to use the paper map as technology is in your hands in the form of a Google Map. Yes, the Google Map that helps you locates a traffic jam in an area and also allows you to change your route like after.

Finding a location is quite simple these days with the assistance of GPS-enabled system on your device that helps you locate any place. The technology is best used in Android and Apple devices. Now, the interesting question arises, is how does it work? What is the real technology behind Google Map to find every single location in the world in an exact manner?

It all started in the 1960s when scientists launch the first ever Corona satellite to capture images with the help of an inbuilt camera in it. After that, advancement in technology has led to the introduction of modified satellites being used these days to capture images of the earth’s point that can be seen on maps on the web.

Also, have a look at the companies that take satellite images shown on the maps

There are giant companies that take digital satellite images like Teleatlas, Digital Globe, Sky Box and many others. In addition, the images captured by such companies can be seen in various mapping apps that are easily available on smartphones these days. However, one gets to see the different resolution of pictures in different apps simply because of different equipment used by the companies.

The advent of rising technology has led us to see 25cms of images on the Google Maps which is slated to increase to 10 cms in the upcoming time.

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