Scientists Confirm The Existence Of Parallel Universe!

You know what that means!

#3 Alternate Universes!

#3 Alternate Universes!

We have all heard about the multiple universe theory at one point or the other. Usually in sci-fi movies or on TV shows like the Fringe and the Butterfly Effect. But now, you are gonna read about how all of those were somewhat to very much true. Because a team of folks at the Griffith University in Australia, under the leadership of Howard Wiseman have created a groundbreaking new theory. This new theory says that "multiple other universes exist in the same space and time as our own, and that they interact on a quantum level."

The Quantum Theory is something that deals with the matter in a sense that it does not behave in accordance with the universal laws we are familiar with.

#2 'Many Interacting Worlds'

#2 'Many Interacting Worlds'

Back in the 1950's a well-known theory called the 'Many Worlds' was introduced. But recently a new theory called the 'Many Interacting Worlds' was penned by Michael Hall as the lead author.

Unlike the 'Many Interacting Worlds', what the 'Many Worlds' states is that there are universes that are said to be running in parallel to our own universe in a different and separate space but, with the same time and do not at all interact with each other.

Here's what the new theory says...

#1 The New Theory

#1 The New Theory

The theory states that there are multiple universes which overlap each other, taking up the same space and time, simultaneously existing until an observer, just like in quantum theory, forced one into existence.

For better understanding, imagine a deck of cards...where each card is an event. When you turn over a card in the full deck, you could get any keep turning the cards over and over until you get the desired outcome. This turning over the card is like the observer forcing a universe into existence.

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