NASA Warns About A Destructive Asteroid To Collide With The Earth!

How terrible it is to even imagine!

#3 NASA Predicts The End?

#3 NASA Predicts The End?

It is devastating to even know of such a thing! But yes, NASA scientists have warned us about this upcoming havoc that we will have to face in the coming future! But, is this the end? Will life on Earth come to an end after this collision!? And when exactly will this collision will happen !?

Well, keep reading the article to know every bit of what NASA scientists have lately announced!

#2 The Large Asteroid

#2 The Large Asteroid

An asteroid called as "Bennu" is heading towards our planet! But, if NASA sources are to be believed this asteroid will soon hit the surface of Earth to cause heavy destruction!

This asteroid is near to the Earth and every 6 years it makes an appearance in the sky as seen from the Earth. But it is being said that this asteroid will be between Earth and Moon and hence, by the uneven gravitational force, it will head towards the surface of the Earth to cause heavy destruction!

But, this isn't all about it! Keep reading to know WHEN will it actually happen according to the scientists!

#1 Some rays of HOPE!

#1 Some rays of HOPE!

According to predictions, this asteroid will hit the Earth somewhere during 2135!

But, we have some rays of HOPE still left! NASA in collaboration with University of Arizona is all set to launch an unnamed spacecraft on September 8 with an aim to reach "Bennu" by 2018.

The core agenda of Osiris-Rex Mission is to traverse the path of "Bennu" to avoid its collision with the Earth!

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