Mom Has To Deliver Via C-Section. Now Watch When The Baby Crawls Out!

The video is absolutely worth a watch!

#3 Delivering a Baby!

#3 Delivering a Baby!

It is definitely one of those beautiful moments in life which can only be felt by a mom! Becoming a mom is absolutely amazing, but undoubtedly a girl has to go through a heck lot during the pregnancy period and during the delivery as well!

As per records, about 32% babies are born through Caesarean section. Often, it is due to complicated medical conditions that hinders the natural delivery, but off late this trend is in fashion due to this new alternative! Read out about it ahead..

#2 Natural Caesarean

#2 Natural Caesarean

Yes, they call it natural caesarean! This is a new trend which has revolutionized the way babies were born in US!

While operating through this process, a small incision is made in the mother's belly, just like a regular C-section, but instead of pulling out the baby, the doctors let the baby wiggle up and crawl out all by his own self!

The baby takes his/her own sweet time which can be up to 4 minutes..Check one such video ahead..It's absolutely amazing, no words!!

#1 It's really beautiful

This is bit of a slow process and hence it is no wonder that there are many people who are opting for it! This mother explains why natural ceasrean is the next best thing to opt for if for any reason you cannot go for natural delivery

Check out the beautiful video here

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