For The First Time Ever, They Tried A Virtual Autopsy On A 300 Years Old Mummy To Unveil The Secret.

They'd even found her baby who took secrets to his grave.

#3 Mommy Mummified!

#3 Mommy Mummified!

You might have come across many stories about Mummies, might have seen it in many movies but this story is a bit different from the rest. During 1994, the archeologists had gotten hold of a casket beneath a church at Hungary. There were two mummified bodies perfectly stored. One of the bodies was that of a 38-year-old woman, Veronica Skripetz and her 1-year-old son named Yohan. Both the mother and son probably lost their lives to tuberculosis.

Lately, the mummies were moved into the Orange County Global Medical Center in Santa Ana, California, 6000 miles from where they were found entombed.

#2 To Unveil The Mystery.

#2 To Unveil The Mystery.

The doctors are preparing to do delayed autopsies to reveal important information from the grave. Although the small family wasn't exactly lonely, resting there underneath the church, there were 250 more bodies.

In those times, antibiotics and medications weren't much in fashion and the experts are saying that the mother and child probably died because of that. But there's no looking back as they now find out the exact reason for their death!

#1 Too Close To Results.

This is the first ever time when a virtual autopsy will be performed on mummies to find out the secrets that this mother and her son behold. The final results will be out at the Bowers Museum during the "Mummies of the World" exhibition.

Here's the video of the process going on.

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