Ever Wondered How A Shotgun Works? Find Out The Answer Now!

An insight into a popular shotgun.

#3 A sum of astonishing numbers

#3 A sum of astonishing numbers

The post provides an insight into the shotgun which could be catering to one's interest in the gun culture very vividly.

Potterfield uses the most famous pump action shotgun whose production dates back to the year 1912. The gun has been popular since its invention, and since then over 12 million models were produced before the production was ceased in the year 1980.

Aren't the numbers really astonishing?

#2 Why shotguns have an edge over others?

#2 Why shotguns have an edge over others?

Shotguns VS Lever-action/bolt-action Guns

The shotgun has an edge over other action rifles as it ejects faster than a lever action or from a bolt-action as one does not require the trigger hand to be removed from the trigger whilst reloading. The gun has a whole lot of history.

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#1 Watch the video

The gun can be dissembled by turning the magazine tool. Truly it is an intricate piece of armory. The gun was well used both in military and Hollywood movies. In movies like Dirty Harry and Godfather, a Winchester Model 12 was used. Now that's something you didn't know about right?!

Now let's look at how a shotgun works, shall we?

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