A Destructive Force Running Since Civil War

A Fierce Gatling Gun

#5 The Deadly Weapon

#5 The Deadly Weapon

It is a known fact that US Military has got fierce and best trained military force among other nations and are well-equipped with highly dangerous weapons and artilleries.

Be it like Civil War, Boshin or any other war, US force has shown the commendable spirit of using stand out military weapons.

In relation with this, General Dynamics have showcased the use of one of the most deadly US gun during wars i.e. Gatling Gun which has proved to be the most lethal weapon whether using from helicopter, truck, tank or anything else.

#4Rich History of Gatling Gun

#4Rich History of Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun, as one is aware of a lethal machine gun that fires bullets at magnificent speed with high shot range, is not something which is altogether new.

The background history of Gatling Gun dates back to 1860 during American Civil War where it was first used and invented by Richard Gatling and actually named after him.

The story does not end here, from 1860, Gatling Gun has proved to be the most futile and dangerous machine gun. After the American Civil War, the gun was later used in Boshin War, the Anglo-Zulu War and so on.

#3Ferocious Speed and Functioning

#3Ferocious Speed and Functioning

The very performance of Gatling Gun is extremely commendable and fierce that features multi-barrel design with magazine located underneath the cabin floor. It fires a single shot in a speedy manner and once the cartridge is finished new one can be reloaded easily.

Know the features of this fierce gun ahead.

#2 The Various Versions

#2 The Various Versions

Gattling Gun has undergone many changes since it was first introduced. Available in both three-barreled and six barreled versions, Gatling was first launched by General Electric, followed by Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics.

#1 Huge Demand

Showing as an astounding weapon of force, Gatling Gun can be seen mounted on trucks as well as helicopters. A large amount of money is being spent by US nation on such military artilleries and guns in order to stay ahead on the battlefield.

Explore more about it in the video below..

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