Watch What Happens When You Drop A Feather On Nitrogen Triiodide

This is amazing. I never knew that Nitrogen Triiodide is this strong...

#3 Nitrogen Triiodide

#3 Nitrogen Triiodide

Science is a very vast field. It is a very broad concept and has different fields attached to it. One such area in science is Chemistry. It is a branch of physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties, change of matter and actions and reactions of different acids and bases.

Today, we'll be talking about Nitrogen Triiodide. Nitrogen triiodide is the inorganic compound with the formula NI3. It is one of the most dangerous compounds you'll ever come across as it is very sensitive. You won't believe what it does with a very light weighted feather. Check out the videos on further pages to know more.

#2 More Triiodide

You should know more about Nitrogen Triiodide before we tell you the entire feather story. It's formed of a nitrogen atom and three atoms of iodine, which all bundle closely together on one side of the nitrogen and therefore it is extremely unstable in nature. The close proximity of the nitrogen atoms, which are much smaller than the iodine, creates "bond strain," which results from the electron-electron repulsion of atoms that are too close together.

There's a lot of science involved in all this. To exactly know what Nitrogen Triiodide is actually capable of, check out the video below. And do not forget to see the video on the next page to see what a feather goes through while in contact with Nitrogen Triiodide...

#1 The Feather And The Nitrogen Triiodide

Now that we know about Nitrogen Triiodide, its instability and its explosive features, it isn't hard to imagine the condition of the feather while in contact with this deadly compound. The mere brush of a feather on nitrogen triiodide will result in something extremely dangerous.

Never ever work with this reactive compound all by yourself without a supervision of any professional! It can prove to be very deadly. And now check out the video and Take a look at what happens when you brush nitrogen triiodide with a feather...

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