Watch This Balloon Filled With Mercury Get Popped

Ever wondered what it is like to pop a balloon filled with Mercury? Well, this is exactly the question that this group of scientists had in mind.

#2 Balloon Popping

#2 Balloon Popping

Scientists are people with weird minds. They think the way no can and do the things that no one will. I mean, popping a balloon is fun, sure! But what about popping a balloon filled with Mercury? Well, we can never think of something like that. But you can never challenge a scientists mind!

Here, we'll be talking about a water balloon but instead of water, it is filled with Mercury. Now what happens when this balloon is busted is amazing. To know what happens, check out the video on the next page. It'll surely amaze you...

#1 The Video

Talking about the water balloons, We all remember the summers in our childhood when we would throw water balloons at each other. Watching your opponent get doused by an exploding balloon is oddly satisfying. But ever wondered what is it like to pop a balloon filled with mercury? This YouTube video records the complete footage, so check out this video to know what happens when a balloon filled with mercury is popped...

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