VIDEO: It Was A Perfect Day. The Second This Happens, People Frantically Run Away

Look at the way people are running for their lives. This is scary...

#3 The Perfect Weather

#3 The Perfect Weather

It started as a nice day. The weather was at its best. People out there in Novosibirsk, Russia were enjoying their day out with their family and friends at a beautiful beach.

You can see all of them getting a charge out of a day of fun in the sun, relaxing out in the sand while others sprinkle in the water and frolcik on the shoreline.

#2 Change In Weather

#2 Change In Weather

Those that live in the fitting atmospheres realize that the climate can change instantly even before you could realize anything. This is exactly what happened here.

People are relaxing out there in great weather and suddenly something happens with the weather and people start running to save their lives.

Checkout the video ahead and see what happens...

#1 The Video

Here, weather suddenly decides to show its true colors to people. A sudden chilly front sends temperatures diving from 41 degrees to 21 in a moment.

By the end of the video, you can actually hear a person talking about dying because of the weather.

Checkout the video...

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