This Massive Glacier Began Breaking Apart - What They Caught On Tape Took My Breath Away

The filmmakers of 'Chasing Ice' got the show of a lifetime, when they witnessed the largest glacier calving to ever be recorded.

#4 Filmmakers

#4 Filmmakers

Adam Lewinter and Jeff Orlowski the filmmakers of chasing ice got the chance to record and witness the Calving of the largest glacier in the western Greenland crumble.

The documentary covered the longest calving of ice of about 75 minutes with some incredible features. After a long wait they were able to witness this unusual and rarest of the rare moment.

#3 Massive Size Glacier

#3 Massive Size Glacier

According to Adam, it was hard to imagine the break-up of such a massive size glacier. The glacier was retreating 1 mile across and 3 miles wide.

The approximated height of the glacier was 3000 feet. It was 300-400 ft above the water. Keep reading to know more.....

#2 Magical And Horrible

#2 Magical And Horrible

The view was so incredible that it was magical and horrible at the same time. The high mountain peaks of snow suddenly started to crash with roaring sound.

According to Jeff Orlowski the pieces of ice were breaking into ocean. It looked like the Manhattan city rumbling down all of a sudden with all its buildings.

#1 46 Square Mile Ice Piece

The breaking of this 46 square mile ice piece was an unprecedented event in the 150 years. To go through this wonderful process watch this video....

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