This Man Stuck His Hand In A Spider Hole, And What Happened Next Is Nuts

Never do this if you fear spiders.

#3 Spider Hole

#3 Spider Hole

This story will astonish you beyond measure, this man and his baffling antics are worth watching. Why would a man stick his hand into a spider's hole, a giant spider hole, in fact, that is home to millions of deadly spiders. It is an incredible story, for this young man dared to do something so brave and yet so crazy. This young man decided to stick his hand into a spider's hole. Spiders are known to like the darkness and they live in clusters in these holes. What is truly astonishing is why this man, this wildly notorious crazy man, stuck his hand deep into a hole in the wall that contained a spider's nest.

It is terrifying to even think of a spider's nest, which is the colony of spiders living in a dark hole. This horrible hole is home to millions of spiders living with each other in a tight ball. The inside of the hole is covered in cobwebs. But what really startles us, and will startle you when you see the video of what he did, is what this young man was thinking when he stuck his hand into the nest of a million spiders. What do you think happened this man? Trust me, it scares the socks off of all those who are creeped out by spiders. Do not try this ever in your life. This man's tale acts as a precautionary measure to all those out there crazy enough to stick their hand in a hole without thinking! Read on to find out more about what happened, and watch the video of this terrifying act.

#2 Astonishing

#2 Astonishing

A group of small children were playing when they discovered large holes in a stone wall near the forest. This discovery lead our story's hero to the hole, wherein he promptly stuck his hand into the it. Did he know for sure what was about to happen? Did he know that the large hole contained spiders? We will have to wait to find out. What is marvelous is how little it took for this man to have the courage to put his hand into this mysterious hole. Would you have done something like that? What he experiences is so scary and disgusting you better be prepared!

The story goes that the man with the crazy instinct had a suspicion that the hole was a spider's den. What did he do with this suspicion? He stuck his hand in there to see if his hypothesis was correct. Unfortunately, it was. It was a terrifying experience. The video recording of the incident as we will show you on the next page will creep you out so much! I am still trembling from watching it. He grabs the cluster of a million spiders with his bare hands. Watch the video to see what happens to him and to the children.

#1 Video Of The Incident

This is the moment of truth, are you prepared to watch what happens to this man and the spider hole? Beware, the images might gross you out! It is exciting to see this warning tale. The incidents of this video should never be repeated by anyone. It is also an ethical question, was this man insensitive in disturbing the resting spiders as he did? You will see at the end of the video how the spiders react. Do you think it was right for him to do that? Was he cruel or just foolish? This man's tale acts as a precautionary measure to all those out there crazy enough to stick their hand in a hole without thinking! Watch the video of this terrifying act!

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