This Crocodile Thought He Had An Easy Meal. But What's Caught On Camera Next? INCREDIBLE!

Today we're going to take you into the wild to show you something so rare and incredible that you will stand up from your chair gasping!

#4 Into The Wild

#4 Into The Wild

So let's meet the two characters of the story.

The elephant is a massive mammal - the largest terrestrial animal - weighing about 2,700 kg and about 3.3 m tall. It has a truk which is used for breathing, lifting water or carrying objects. It's teeth grow out into tusks that they use for digging.. or when provoked, as a deadly weapon.

#3 Meet The Attacker

#3 Meet The Attacker

The crocodile is the master predator of the waters. It's streamlined body and webbed feet allow it to swim over quickly or discreetly to it's prey, camouflaged by its body.

The crocodile's jaw's bite force is a massive 3,700 pounds per square inch and it snaps in a split second. That 3.7 times that of a lion or tiger, so rest assured, you do not want to put your hand in there.

What happens when you pit these two together? An animal encounter unlike anything you have ever seen before! Keep reading, do not miss this!

#2 The Scenario

#2 The Scenario

This video was captured on a safari. A seemingly innocent elephant was peacefully unwinding at the edge of a water body. But it didn't know it was being watched.. and we're not talking about the people holding the camera here.

A crocodile had seen him relax and he had set his sights on him. He thought he was in for an easy meal. And why wouldn't he? Afterall the elephant was in his territory.

But what happened next, totally shocked everyone. You'll have to see the video for yourself to find out!

#1 The Video

Hold on to your hats because this is absolutely insane! A true display of the wild that exists in our world! Any guesses who wins?

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