They Took A Camera To A Remote Area. What They Caught? Terrifying.

Photographers Adam LeWinter and Jeff Orlowski successfully captured the largest calving event ever seen. We brought it here for you to see

The Longest Calving Ever Seen

The Longest Calving Ever Seen

It seems like a normal day, the camera is set to the continuous shot, and photographers Jeff Orlowski and Adam LeWinter wait for something to happen. They wonder if the camera is truly even on, in such a calm and serene environment it seems like the only thing to do. And then it happens. The vast and immovable mountain in front of them suddenly starts moving. An avalanche begins. And the gigantic glaciers start melting.

The two photographers count their lucky stars that the camera was on the entire time. That their hard work had just paid off. They had just captured the longest calving ever witnessed by man. It was 75 minutes long. Of course, we are not going to bore you with the whole video. Just the best parts. Watch nature at its finest.

Who Is Responsible?

What is a calving? An Ice Calving or a glacier calving is the breaking off of chunks of Ice of a glacier. What caused a 75 minute Ice calving? Human beings did, through global warming. Due to global warming events such as these are becoming more and more frequent. If we do not take action as soon as possible there will soon be very few icy regions left in the world.

If we let things continue like this we run the risk of stealing away the magnificent sight of glaciers from our own future generations. Who do you think they would hold responsible for such a tragedy? Think about that while watching the video.

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