She Grows Up With Gorillas...But 12 Years Later When They're Reunited? I'm Speechless!

This is one truly amazing encounter!

#4 Howletts wild Animal Park

#4 Howletts wild Animal Park

Bimms and Djalta the two western lowland gorillas lived in Howletts wild Animal Park. They were taken care by the Aspinall Foundation.

In 2003 they were released to go back to the wild life. They were finally freed and were allowed to lead a normal forest life.

#3 Finding The Gorillas

#3 Finding The Gorillas

After 12 years Damain Aspinall, the man who runs the organisation and his daughter Tansy decided to visit the place where the two gorillas were released.

So they headed towards Gabon, West Africa to find the pair. Did they find the gorillas? Was a big question for them. Did the gorillas recognise them? To know this and more, keep on reading......

#2 Reunion

#2 Reunion

The result of their search was quite incredible. As they reached that place the saw Bimms and Djalta. They recognised Damain. They hugged him with love and affection.

Later on Damain realised that the gorillas were searching for something. It was Tansy.

#1 Happy Ending

Firstly Tansy was scared to meet them. But as she met them, they made her comfortable with their gentle touch and affection. To enjoy this amazing story Watch this moving video.

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