Scientist Warns Of A Mega Earthquake That Will Split Two Continents And Kill Over 40 Million People

Thanks to the global warming, all of us knew that our planet is going to get destroyed. But the destruction is going to be so bad that it will actually split 2 continents and take millions of lives away. Checkout how...

#3 Dr. Keshe's Prediction

#3 Dr. Keshe's Prediction

Dr. Mehran Keshe is a nuclear scientist who completed his Nuclear engineering from the University of London. He is the main face behind and NGO called Keshe foundation in Netherlands and Belgium.

Last September, Dr Mehran Keshe released a video predicting a mega earthquake that will destroy our earth completely. According to his prediction, not one but number of countries are likely to get effected by this Mega earthquake. Is your country one of them?

Find more details ahead...

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