Mom Spies A Furry Creature Near Her Kids - Then Discovers The Danger It Can Do...

Her gut instinct saved her and her children. This was dangerous. Take a look...

#3 Do Not Mess With Nature

#3 Do Not Mess With Nature

Nature is the worst thing to mess up with. Before you know what went wrong, you are already ruined by nature. Luckily, one mom had no intentions of doing that.

Leslie Howe followed her instincts when she encountered a strange looking creature at Gwinnett County park. She decided to not take any risks by touching that.

#2 Not So Harmless

#2 Not So Harmless

Leslie was out with her baby and two other little children to enjoy the day when she spotted an extremely furry looking creature inching her way. The creature looked small, soft and potentially harmless but Leslie decided to stay away from it.

Later when she found out what it was, she thanked her stars. Luckily, all the children along with her were safe.

Keep reading ahead to see what the creature was.

#1 The Video

What she found is commonly called a Puss Caterpillar, appropriately named for its thick fur that resembles your normal house cat. This creature is loaded with Venom. Merely with one single touch, this small creature can sting you as painfully as a wasp or a jellyfish.

Checkout this video to see what exactly is this creature and how Leslie saved everyone from this.

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