Man Saves Abandoned Grizzly Bear Cub. Six Years Later This Is How He's Thanked

Casey Anderson had no idea how much his life would change the day he met a grizzly bear cub out in the wild.

#4 A Best man

#4 A Best man

When people get married, they usually choose a close friend or a sibling as the best man. Casey Anderson was not an ordinary man. He chose a bear named Brutus.

Brutus has been Casey's friend ever since Brutus was very young, just about 5 months. He was rescued by Casey from an over crowded wildlife park.

#3 Emotional Bond

#3 Emotional Bond

Brutus and Casey shared an emotional bond. Brutus was so close to Casey that he could judge Casey's emotions.

Brutus has turned 15 now and is happily living in Montana Grizzly Encounter. Brutus wasn't wild because he didn't spend the first three years of his life with his wild mother. To know more keep on reading......

#2 Friendly With Other Bears

#2 Friendly With Other Bears

Only an extra ordinary man can keep a bear in his home. Brutus stayed with Casey in his home until he was too big to stay.

Despite of Brutus's close relations with Casey, he was quite friendly with the other bears of the sanctuary.

#1 Amazing Story

To watch this amazing story watch this video. All I want to say is please don't try this at home. Please do share if you like...

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