Here's Why You Don't Need To Warm Up Your Car In Winters

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#3 Cars In Winters

#3 Cars In Winters

If you stay in a place with extreme winters and heavy snowfall, you'll understand the need of heating your car before taking out for a drive. It happened decades ago. Today, you don't have to do it any more. You can take your car out without heating it up.

Before telling you the reason behind not doing it anymore, it is important to tell you the reason behind doing it on the first place.

Keep reading ahead to get the answer of all these questions.

#2 The Reason Behind Heating Your Car

#2 The Reason Behind Heating Your Car

The reason I mentioned that it happened decades ago is because in that era, cars had carburetors that featured a small twisting plate to control the amount of air and fuel to be introduced into the engine. Now, because of the winter outside, the carburetor becomes cold and it would inhibit its working. The end result was that the ratio of air and fuel got haywire resulting in the car to seize up or run smoky.

Very clearly, because of this reason, cars didn't really function properly. And because of this, people back then had to heat their cars. But there are people who heat their cars even today.

They clearly don't know a very important thing about carburetors today.

Keep reading ahead to know about this.

#1 The Reason Behind Not Doing It Anymore

#1 The Reason Behind Not Doing It Anymore

We live in 2016 today. The very last car equipped with a carburetor that was sold in the US was the 1990 Subaru Justy. We don't even have cars with carburetor anymore. So it doesn't make any sense to heat your cars.

This doesn't mean that you should just scoot away in a car as soon as you start it. As per fuel efficiency advice given by the EPA and the DOE, "Most manufacturers recommend driving off gently after about 30 seconds." So just make sure that you follow this rule.

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