Gorilla Gets Shot Dead For Protecting 4-year-old Boy

Outraged animal lovers took to social media declaring the gorilla's life was unnecessarily taken, and more than 4,000 have already joined the Facebook group Justice for Harambe.

#3 At The Zoo!

#3 At The Zoo!

A little boy was having a great day at the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a normal day and he was having a good time. Until something happened that nobody had seen coming at all.

They were nearing the exhibit which harbored a massive 400lbs Gorilla. The exhibit had a railing around it but apparently the little boy crossed it effortlessly. A mother tried to stop the boy but tragically, the boy fell 12-feet into the enclosure!

What happened next shocked each and every bystander!

#2 His Protector

#2 His Protector

Havoc ensued in what seemed to be a tragedy in the making! Everybody had gathered around the exhibt as the little child was left at the massive beast's mercy. The zoo authorities knew they had to save the child and they knew they didn't have much time.

And the next thing they know, there was a loud noise and the Gorilla Harambe had been shot to death. Not even tranquilized. This is the gist of what happened, but the details are shady.

Apparently, some say the gorilla was trying to protect the little boy from getting shot. Some say he was violently dragging the child around. THere are a lot of mixed reports which is why, we have the entire video for you! Keep reading and decide for yourself!

#1 Watch It

Have a look at it. Watch it with your own eyes. This video sparked a massive controversy over the incident. Everyone started to question why the gorilla had to be shot dead instead of being tranquilized. Animal rights activists lost their cool. The zoo authorities attracted a lot of scrutiny.

In the end, no one can change what happened. Watch the video and tell us what you think about it in the comments!

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