Ever Wonder What Happens When You Fire A Rocket Firework In A Frozen Lake?

This is Amazing...

#2 Rockets

#2 Rockets

We often talk about rocket science but have you ever thought the science behind firing a rocket in a frozen lake? Well, on a very serious note, no one really thinks of firing a rocket in a frozen lake as the correct way of doing it is in the air. But, we are just talking about the possibility here.

All we are asking is what if? We know for a fact that you have never tried this. So let us tell you what will happen if you fire a rocket in a frozen lake. The result is outstanding. This is not what you would've thought. Check out the video on the next page...

#1 The Video

Well, there's no rocket science involved here. The guy in the video, fires the rocket underneath the ice. What follows next is purely a 15 seconds of brilliance. Luckily, this experiment didn't really backfire and the end result is marvelous.

The pattern that is created after the rocket is fired is amazing. Check out the video to see what exactly happens. And let us know about your views by commenting below. This is some very crazy fun we are talking about here.

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