Alaska Airlines Just Delayed Their Flight For This Weird Reason

And guess what, the passengers weren't annoyed!

#4 It Happens All The Time

#4 It Happens All The Time

Flight delays. They happen all the time. If you're a frequent flyer, you'd know. Most of the time it's because of unpredictable weather conditions and air traffic issues and at other times, it could be terrorist attacks.

Most of the times it annoys the passengers. And why shouldn't it? They paid to get somewhere on time and they should!

Alaska Airlines flight 870 was delayed and guess what, every passenger on board was delighted! Wondering what the reason was?

Keep reading to find out!

#3 THIS Doesn't Happen All The Time

#3 THIS Doesn't Happen All The Time

A solar eclipse is an extremely rare event. It occurs once every 18 months but - and here's the catch - it is visible from only a specific location on the earth at a specific time. That means you'd be lucky to see even one in your entire life. Of course, you can travel to those places but who really has the time in a lifestyle as busy as today's?

Wondering how a solar eclipse and a flight are related? Keep reading to find out AND watch a video too!

#2 A Memory Of A Lifetime

#2 A Memory Of A Lifetime

Alaska Airlines Flight 870 was due to fly on the day of a solar eclipse but neither the destination nor the source of the flight were places where you could see the eclipse from. The eclipse observation zone was right in the middle of the flight's path.

But according to the scheduled time, they were going to miss it by just a short amount of time. So guess what, they decided to delay the flight in order to ensure that every passenger onboard saw the eclipse. From inside a plane. At 40,000 ft above the ground.

It looked like nothing I've ever seen before. Keep reading to watch the entire video!

#1 Watch It With Your Eyes

This video is one of the most rarest sights ever to have been captured on camera. You don't wanna miss it. It's the entire event, and it has the ring too. Be patient, don't skip to the later part of the video and you will see it happen in real time, not just a static picture you've seen all your life.

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