A Wolf Walks Up To A Veteran. Now Watch What Happens When He Turns Around. WOW!

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that many veterans suffer from after returning home from combat. Among the different methods to alleviate the symptoms, interaction with animals has proven to be successful.

#3 An Effective Cure

#3 An Effective Cure

War Veterans face many problems on and even off the field. These brave soldiers suffer through many hardships, both physical and emotional just to keep you safe. Even after returning to normal society a veterans life is not easy. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that many veterans suffer from after returning home from combat. PTSD can make the transition back to everyday life a nightmare for any human being.

Among the many therapies and ways to combat PTSD there is one that has a higher chance of working than most others. This therapy includes interactions with animals. We have seen just how heroic a dog can be, and just how loyal. But today we're not talking about a dog, we're talking about a wolf. A direct ancestor of the dog. To find out what happens between this wolf and a veteran just go to the next page.

#2 Warriors And Wolves

#2 Warriors And Wolves

Warriors and Wolves is an initiative launched in July 2011. The Objective? To help our returning combat veterans, to assist them as they make the transition back to society and start the healing process. Their base of operations at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in Frazier Park, CA, is where veterans with PTSD come to heal. "There's something about being part of nature. There's something about being around these animals," cofounder/veteran Matthew Simmons told a Great Big Story. "To even the most wounded veteran, they feel different. It keeps them a part of something greater than themselves."

Wolves are believed by many to be a wild and dangerous species. A wolf is not an acceptable pet to own in normal society. A veteran can understand just how this feels. To feel dangerous and unwanted. To feel like you don't belong. Go to the next page to watch the video and see the lovable side of a dangerous animal.

#1 Watch

Seeing this wild species interact with the veterans, and actually producing positive results, is almost unbelievable. For veteran Jim Minick, nothing seemed to worked until he entered the program. "They kind of teach you how to be calm and confident," said Minick. "It's got some deeper meaning when they accept you."

Watch the video and share it to show your support for the program and help heal the people who keep us safe.

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