A Dead Whale Just Washed Ashore. GUESS What They Found In Its Belly?

A sperm whale that washed up in Spain died after swallowing almost 60 different pieces of plastic dumped by the greenhouses that supply Trader Joe's parent company.

Majestic Sperm Whale

Majestic Sperm Whale

A massive Sperm Whale washed up on the shores of Spain. It had died due to plastic. These plastics were dumped by the company Aldi into the Mediterranean Sea.

Aldi is the parent company of the popular grocery store Trader Joe's. What exactly killed this endangered whale you might ask, how can plastic take down such a huge creature?

Large expanses of plastic dumped into the ocean, that's what.

Plastic swallowed by the whale. "How much" I asked. The answer is gut wrenching.

Killed By Plastic?

Killed By Plastic?

This, the world's largest mammal, was taken down by almost 60 different pieces of plastic. What was the root of this massive sum of plastic?

Did the companies in charge employ the right means of waste disposal? How is it that, for instance, two dozen sheets of transparent plastic were found in the whale's stomach?!

I needed to know more. How much and what exactly did they find inside the whale?

A Lot Of Plastic.

A Lot Of Plastic.

Reports state that the 4.5 tonne whale ingested 17 kilograms of plastic waste. This included 60 different pieces of plastic.

Two dozen sections of transparent plastic was found. This was the plastic sheeting used to cover industrial greenhouses!

The whale's insides had been completely choked, and the plastic had accumulated to block all digestive functioning.

It died in pain. It died in vain

Environmental Truth of Capitalism

Environmental Truth of Capitalism

Aldi, the mass produce company responsible for the dumping of this plastic can be pin pointed as directly responsible for the death of this great mammal.

It is the responsibility of large corporations to ensure that their waste is properly recycled or safely disposed.

Without proper regulation of these corporations, waste will continue to swarm our seas, and more whales will die.

Just how badly have we as a people messed up? Read on to find out.

Save The Species

Save The Species

There are only 1000 Sperm Whales left in the mediterranean. This makes it a highly endangered species

These whales live and eat in waters used as disposal grounds for the greenhouse industry. Acres and acres of Spain's farmland is covered by plastic sheets to produce year long vegetables and fruits.

Negligence and a poor disposal system has these plastics directly dumped into the Mediterranean sea.

The effects? Catastrophic.

Our Duty

Our Duty

It is our responsibility to safeguard these beautiful animals!

We cannot continue to act in pure self interest, unaware and uncaring of our effects on the outside world.

Petition, protest, be aware, be kind.

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