Wife Refused To Pull the Plug on her Husband... After 3 years He Said 2 Words

Love is all about two imperfect people not willing to give up on each other. Love and faith are an unparalleled duo. Nobody can beat it.

#3 What destiny has planned for you and what you plan are two different things

#3 What destiny has planned for you and what you plan are two different things

Could you ever imagine this scenario when the person you love the most is almost snatched away from you but somehow, by some miracle you manage to hold on so tight to them that they stay? But then the relief you feel, is completely washed away by the feeling of dread when you are told there is no more hope?

Some know this scenario all too well, while to some it's as alien as it can get. But to one person, this was the story of her life.

Danielle Davis' entire world turned upside down with just one phone call. Her husband of just seven months was in a fatal motorcycle accident.

Matt was merging into the interstate when he rammed into an illegally parked vehicle. The force of the impact was so much that he ended up damaging multiple bones, got lacerated organs and suffered heavy trauma in his brain.

#2 Because she believed in their dreams

#2 Because she believed in their dreams

Even after consistent and stringent medication, Matt didn't respond well to the treatment. It was at that time that Danielle was given two options from the doctors after they had did everything they could- pull the plug or keep fighting. Danielle later said for her the decision wasn't at all bewildering. She was sure that God would get them though and they will always be together just the way they had dreamed.

They eventually moved Matt from the hospital to Danielle's mother's home in North Carolina. Once there, they worked together to nurture Matt back to health.

Days, weeks, months, and years passed. And then the magical day came when Matt finally awoke to the lovely sight of his comely and supportive partner. Keep reading to know how this happened!

#1 When magic happens!

#1 When magic happens!

This is a real-life example elucidating that love never fails and prayers are never left unanswered. Because after three years of medically-induced coma and completely living on life support, one fine day, Matt woke up from his long sleep and uttered words which were not less than magic for Danielle. He said, "I'm trying".

These words were the best motivators for Danielle as she never lost faith in her lover and believed he would make a full and healthy recovery.

She was the one who prayed for him every day. No matter what she was by his side through thick and thin.

Doctors still can't believe about Matt's recovery but I guess we as readers can and should. This teaches us to love soulfully and to believe in the power of togetherness. If this doesn't motivate you to fall in love then I don’t know what will!

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