Wedding Ceremony Was Interrupted By A Voice, Bride Starts Sobbing As She Turns Around

The wedding day is always the most awaited day. She dreams about it right from childhood and expects it to be the happiest day of your life. She even imagines her wedding gown. She even organizes the event in her head. And while she has imagined everything, it is quite hard to surprise her. In this wedding ceremony, the bride starts sobbing as she turns around to see the voice that interrupted the ceremony.

Neil and Tricia’s wedding

Neil and Tricia’s wedding

While everything is well organized, the guests of this couples wedding ceremony plan their own surprise which left everyone in tears. Neil and Tricia’s wedding was surely a grand affair but it was going to get emotional according to the plan.

Love birds

Love birds

The lovebirds worked through the vows while they heard a voice that silenced everyone and interrupted the ceremony. It was not what you are thinking, no one was objecting the wedding. But this was the start of a flash mob.

"How Great Thou Art"

They didn’t do anything hyped up things, but instead sang the most beautiful melody for the wedding, called, "How Great Thou Art." Everyone was shocked by their performance but Tricia was still in the impression of the performance, sobbing like a child

The Video

This was surely something that Tricia and Neil would hold close to their heart. This was one of the most beautiful wedding affairs. Things like these are heartwarming and every bride would long for a surprise like this.

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