This man left his pregnant lover.. and then received a postcard nine months later!

Read right to the end, you won't regret it.

#3 The Shocking Surprise.

#3 The Shocking Surprise.

Life was, is and always be a mystery to one and all. No one is certain of what will happen the very next moment. Some happenings are pleasantly surprising while the other times they are unconvincing and outrageous.

Something similar had happened to this guy who was handling two ladies in his life at a time. One, his lawfully wedded wife and the other one was an Italian lady with whom he had an extra marital affair.

Even though he had great respect for his marriage, he was with this another woman for past 7 years. Everything was going smooth until one day his Italian lover disclosed something to him which took him off the ground.

#2 The Code-Word.

#2 The Code-Word.

His girlfriend was pregnant. This report terrified him to such level that he was unable to think what to do next. Ruining his marriage life was totally unacceptable to him, so he decided to send the second woman to her native place, Paris.

Although the would be mommy was sent to her homeland, he had made sure to look after all the expenses required to grow up a child until the baby turns 18. The only condition was, not to contact him by any means.

Every thing seemed to fall into places but this other woman had asked him how would he know when had the baby made his arrival?

He had a different way of knowing about their baby being born, he'd asked her to send him a postcard with 'Spaghetti' written on it so that he'll know his baby has come.

But what happened next will blow your mind!

#1 The Traumatic Postcard.

#1 The Traumatic Postcard.

Nine months later, when it was time for their baby make an entry into this world, he was expecting a mail with spaghetti written on it.

One day, when he'd returned home from work, his wife handed him a postcard saying, "Honey, We got a very weird postcard today."

This guy knew what the message was, but to hide his anxiousness he said, "That's interesting, Let me see it."

All his eagerness was like a worst nightmare from the deadliest scary film. The message took away all the glow from his for the time, making him look pale and in immense shock. He couldn't take this and fell on the ground.

His wife took the letter and it said, "Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti. Three with meat balls, two without them. Please send more sauce..."

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